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In our privacy policy you can easily understand that how will be we use your data in our website during our services. We are dedicated to ensure you that your data is being protected from all outsiders. It is our duty to save your data from all the outsiders and we are very committed for this and you can very easily trust on us because for us your data is as important as our own data. Also our website will be able to change its privacy policy anytime it’s wants to do so. That’s why one should always check our privacy policy from time to time to assure that you are pleased with all our changes. The privacy policy you are reading is effective from January 5, 2015

What we collect from you?

We may collect the following information from your side:
1) Name of user and his job title
2) Email address of user
3) Permanent address of user in some cases and in few areas
4) And also some other information related to customer

What we will do with the information that we gather from you?

We gather all the information from the user just because if we have more information about the user then definitely we will be more able to understand the requirements of the user like what user really needs, which package will be most suitable for user.
And also for some other reasons like:-
* For keeping the records of user in our system.
* We will use all of this data to make our service better for the future purpose. * Also we may send you some kind of promotional emails periodically about our new products, special packages and some other kind of information which we think you may find very useful to the email address that you have been provided to us.


We are very committed towards the security of the data that you have been provided to us. We make our system able enough that not any kind of hackers or invaders can access you data from our system. We use your data very securely and you can trust us that your data is secure.
Controlling the data about your personal information
You may prefer to regulate the cluster of data or use of your personal data that you have been provided to us in the following ways:
* if anytime you are being asked to fill the form on our the website, look at the box that you can click to point that you do not want that your data to be used by anybody else for any kind of direct marketing or any other purposes too.
* If you have previously agreed for to using your personal data for direct marketing purposes by our system, then you can easily change your mind at any time by writing us a mail and we will change your settings in very small amount of time.
Also we will not sell or distribute your data to any other third party and your data is very safe with us.